Council Meeting Minutes

Wardner  City Council Meeting

Meeting called to order by Mayor Joe Guardipee at 6pm.  Roll call showed Nita Buhl, Candy Cameron, Stella Morgan and Jo Ann Groves present.  Absent:  Tim Fitzpatrick and Jack Wombolt.  Jo Ann Groves filled in taking minutes.

Bills and Minutes from November meeting Approved.

No Visitors

Sheriff’s report showed 51 hours spent patrolling and/or handling 5 calls and complaints.  City was asked to send monthly police payment to Julie Dire at Sheriff’s office who will log it then take to courthouse.  Deputy Jeremy Groves attended the meeting for Sheriff’s department.
ANIMAL CONTROL:    A presentation was handed out to council from Rick Gilbert, newly appointed Animal  Registrar, stating his proposed plans of action and  requesting door hangers be printed.  Discussion held, felt he needed introduction hangers as well as follow up hangers when people have not gotten their dog tags.  Mayor Guardipee felt  permission to obtain these items had been made at November meeting.  Council agreed.
STREETS:  Tim Morgan reported red plow truck batteries seem to be dragging and might need replaced.  Tim is primary plower,  Louie Groves is his back up.  Kurt Sholz will be called if necessary.  Tim will be training him this weekend.
WEEDS:  No report
PARK:   No report .  Tim will get new codes to city clerk. 
BUILDING PERMITS:  None issued,  none completed.
SANTA RUN:   Old St. Nick will visit Wardner 12/15 starting at 6 PM from City Hall.  Deputy Groves reported  a Deputy will be available to escort Santa through town.  55 bags were filled after meeting.
MAYOR’S REPORT:  Haight house is down and gravel replaced to meet  codes.  Should rebuilding ever be done, the lot needs remediated, and funds are on deposit to pay for it.  Per City Attorney request, Joe took pictures starting before demolition, throughout demolition and completed project.    The house at
426 Main has been demolished and is slowly being burned .  A new home is anticipated being built in the spring.      Mayor Guardipee joined other Mayor’s at the annual  News Press/Dave Smith  Christmas fund raiser, gave brief summary of Wardner’s Santa Run, and joined the Mayor’s challenge of donating $100 to the fund from the City.   

OLD BUSINESS:    After considerable consideration, Mayor Guardipee has appointed Ron Corneill as the new City Clerk, replacing Linda Wombolt  who resigned at November’s meeting.  The council confirmed this appointment.  The new signers on the USBank accounts will be Ron Corneill and Jo Ann Groves.
ELECTION:  Noted that Nita Buhl, Stella Morgan and Alice Alexander will be sworn in as council members at January’s meeting.
AVISTA FRANCHISE:   Keisha has contacted Avista with regards to their legal department’s  revision of the Avista Franchise.  Has had no reply.
RABBITS:  Ordinance 132 covers no chickens, pigs, rabbits, cows, horses, etc., within the City, however reported the house with 8 rabbits seems to be down to 2 which are now kept indoors, however the dogs are allowed to run.  The dogs, upon complaints, will be handled by Sheriff’s Dept., and no action will be taken with regards to rabbits since they are indoors.
WELCOME BROCHURE:   Noted council member in charge of revision had dropped the ball, action will be taken to get revision made.
903 S. DIVISION:   A well prepared presentation was given to council members with regards to the dispute between David & Billie Mailloux (May-you) and 905 S. Division residents – Rick & Rene Gilbert, with regards to encroachment onto Mailloux’s property for driveway entrance into 905 yard.  After  David Mailloux presented  his case and explained his documents, he offered a proposal  that if  ‘Gilbert’s will reconfigure their driveway back to their own property and in a manner that will permanently prevent vehicle traffic from cutting across Mailloux’s property by  5/31/2020, Mailloux’s will move the corner post  2-5’ North.’     Mayor Guardi pee  responded by advising that this situation has drug the Fire Chief into the situation which makes the Fire Chief feel he’s being put in the middle and should not be.   The dispute between the two neighbors and the property line is a civil matter, not involving the City unless the post on the survey marker is a plowing issue, which Tim Morgan stated the city plowers feel they can avoid damage to the fence post.   Mayor Gurdipee then stated he would use diplomacy in talking to the Gilbert’s about the proposal, and if that doesn’t work it will then be a civil matter between Mailloux’s and Gilbert’s.   Mailloux stated he understood and thanked council.

NEW BUSINESS:   Sam Clifton  (red barn at 304 Main) has advised Building Inspector Mark Magnus that he has met all structural requirements, yet will not let Mark reinspect.  Mr. Clilfton was advised  if did not contact Mr. Magnus the cabin would be removed.  Sam is currently deployed, however will be here in January at which time he and the building inspector will meet  and try to resolve all problems, including building the carport without a new permit.  Sam felt it was included in original permit which it was not.  Should the meeting not occur,  further action will be taken.
JOHNSON CARPORT:  Noted the Judgment has been recorded, but no word received by Keisha.

P/Z:  Questions have arisen with regards to building on Kellogg Avenue.    Fire Chief Aamodt has also assessed the road and stated  the road must be rebuilt to meet Wardner and Shoshone County standards before any building could begin.   People have actually stated willingness to do so.   Noted Jenna Radaman’s  ‘tiny home’ on Third Street is taking shape.  She contacted Mayor Guardipee  with questions regarding purchase of a mobile in Wardner, removing mobile and could she rebuild a ‘tiny home’ on that foundation.   Felt she would run into the same problems as before.  Discussion held that City needs to update our current Ordinance to allow ‘tiny homes’. 

No further business, meeting adjourned to fill Santa sacks.

Respectfully submitted:

Jo Ann Groves
Acting Clerk