About Wardner

HISTORY: In 1885 the Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mine was discovered on an outcropping near the south end of Wardner by Noah Kellogg and his famous jackass. The Wardner charter was granted in 1902 and was named after Jim Wardner, an entrepreneur.

Wardner is a small residential community located in the Silver Valley of northern Idaho. It is near the gondola base of the Silver Mountain Resort. The popular mountain was formerly known as the Jackass Ski Bowl, then after that the Silverhorn Ski area.

COUNCIL MEETINGS: City council meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Wardner City Hall at 649 Main Street at 6:00 pm sharp. The meetings are followed immediately by the planning and zoning meeting. Changes in schedules and meeting agendas are posted on the City Hall notice board.

VOTING: Wardner votes exclusively by mail.

BUILDING PERMITS are required. They can be picked up at the Kellogg City Hall, 1007 McKinley Avenue in Kellogg, Idaho. Their phone number is 208.783.7751. If you plan to build, remodel, dig, move a building or engage in a similar activity, you will need a permit.

SOIL DISPOSAL and building disposal must be done in compliance with the Bunker Hill Superfund Site regulations. For more information, please contact the Panhandle Health District at 208.783.0707

DOG AND CAT LICENSES are required for all Wardner City pets. These can be picked up at the Kellogg City Hall, 1007 McKinley in Kellogg, Idaho. Wardner does have a leash law for dogs. Dog and cat tags are due annually on May 1st. A kennel license is required for 3 or more dogs and cats.

OFF-STREET PARKING is required between November 1st and March 31st to allow for snow removal.